Frequent Questions

We do out best to try and answer everyone's question, here are some of the most common questions and answer, if you have a question that is not answered here please feel free to call us or email us.

  • How much is registration?

    Full contact football $305*
    Wildcat Cheerleader & Rhythmette $410
    Mini Cheer $350

    *In addition to the $305 football registration fee, there is an additional $100 safety equipment deposit (per family, for multiple siblings). This amount will be due at the safety equipment issue, sometime in July. In total, your payout will be $405. All safety and practice equipment, will be issued for your child(ren) to ‘borrow’ for the current season. On a designated date following the seasons last game, all ‘borrowed’ equipment will be expected to be returned (excluding Game jersey, undershirt, game pants & mouthpiece). At the return of the ‘borrowed’ equipment, your $100 deposit will be returned to you.

  • How can I pay for registration?

    We accept credit cards, checks or cash.

  • Do we offer refunds?

    We do not offer refunds, there are only 2 reasons why we would consider a refund:
    1) An injury/incident prior to the first game that would prevent the player from participating in any games.
    2) An unforeseen medical condition that prevents the player from participation with a doctors diagnosis on letterhead

  • When does the season start?

    July 29th is our first practice
    Games will be on Saturday

  • What level will my child play on?

    5-6 Peewee
    7-8 Freshman
    9 - Sophmore
    10 - Jr
    11-12 Seniors (cannot turn 13 in 2016)

  • What are your weight restrictions?

    Peewee -
    Freshman - 120lbs
    Sophomore - 140lbs
    Jr - 150lbs
    Seniors - 170lbs

  • Where do we practice?

    Our home field is located at 2234 Theta. We practice and play home games there.

  • I would like to help coach or be a team mom, who do I contact?

    Just shoot as an email or call Anthony at 832-287-5273 and he will be more than happy to help get you started.

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