Upcoming Important Dates 2015 Season

Hello parents!!!
Our pre-season practices are just a few short weeks away….(yay)
With that said, I would like to REMIND/NOTIFY everyone of some IMPORTANT dates; so get your calendars ready!!!!
In this email, is the following:
1) Several dates, with details of each event/function
2) Attached documents that will be needed, at some point. For time saving convenience, you may print and fill out ahead of time, or fill out upon arrival.
       These are the documents attached:
       A) Important Dates to Remember – an attachment of these dates (simplified) for you to “PRINT” and hang on your fridge (lol) IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER – download and print here
       B) Camp form — which you can also find on our website at SouthHoustonWildcats.com GCPFL Football Camp Form_2015 – download and print here
       C) Raffle ticket sales information (printable) explains how the Raffle Ticket fundraiser works SHW_Raffle Ticket info 2015 – download and print here
       D) Parent Code of Conduct – parents will need to sign at equipment issue SHW_Parent Code of Conduct 2015 – download and print here
       E) Player Pledge form – players will need to sign at equipment issue SHW_Player Pledge 2015 – download and print here
JULY 11, 2015 — Gulf Coast Premier Football Camp:
               ***this is open to ALL Wildcat participants (from PeeWee thru Senior level)
                ~ You can print the form and have it prefilled to save time, the form is attached below, and can also be found on our website at SouthHoustonWildcats.com (or you can wait till you arrive, on site the morning of camp)
                 ~The cost for this camp is $20 per player (this cost includes a t-shirt…. while supplies last)
                 ~Payment for camp must be paid the morning of the camp, with cash or check—sorry no credit/debit cards
                 ~Check in time for camp is 8:15 a.m. until 8:45 a.m.—the camp will start at 9 a.m. with a guest speaker to get the players going
                 ~Camp LOCATION: 3300 Magnolia Ave. Texas City, Texas, 77590 (Carlos Garza Sports Complex)
                      *football ‘gear’ not needed—wear something cool and comfortable, cleats optional (if your not sure what to wear, come ‘reppin’ those Wildcat colors–Royal Blue and Vegas/Varsity Gold)
JULY 18, 2015 — Safety/Practice Equipment and Raffle ticket issue
—All equipment needed to participate (excluding cleats) will be issued to football players—-players are not permitted to practice without this gear
—Raffle tickets will also be issued to all Football players AND Cheerleaders (this is the one, and only ‘Mandatory’ fundraiser for the season)…this will give you just over 3 weeks to sell your minimum required tickets
          ***Just to give you a little direction on what to expect at equipment issue; here are the steps you will take, upon arrival, to pick up your Equipment/Raffle tkts
      STEP  1) Administrative/Raffle
                      Ticket Table——– Here you will pick up your Parent Code of ethics and Player Pledge forms, fill them out and turn in. (or just turn in if they are prefilled)                     Then you will be issued your Raffle Tickets
      STEP  2) Payment Table—— Pay any remaining balances owed and/or make the $100 Refundable Equipment Deposit **PLEASE NOTE: bring your drivers license–a copy will be made, so we have a record of who to “refund” the deposit to, when the time comes. To avoid any future discrepancies; the refund will be made to the person, whom we have a driver license on file for; regardless of name on check, ‘who’ paid, etc.  Again, we will use the name from the drivers license, no exceptions. Please consider this when paying the deposit  (The $100 refundable equipment deposit = if you have multiple participants (siblings, of the same household) it is $100 per household; not per sibling, just to clarify)
                          Once step 1 and 2 have been completed, you will be given your receipt AND your child’s “FITTING CARD”!!!! This is your ‘ticket’ to get your equipment.
                                                      ******ALSO: only IF you have not already done so—-IF you did NOT provide a BIRTH CERTIFICATE or PROOF OF RESIDENCE when you registered your child; 
                                                      PLEASE, PLEASE bring those documents on this day as well, so that we can have our ‘books’ prepared and ready for the season******
      STEP  3) Equipment Zone—- Once you have your ‘ticket’, you will take it to  a coach at the designated Equipment area, and there they will issue your football player’s equipment You MUST have a ‘ticket’ to pick up your equipment, therefore, steps 1 and 2 must be completed before step 3
 For Cheerleaders and mascots—————— Ladies, you will not need equipment to practice…therefore, please go directly to the Administrative table to pick up your Raffle Tickets  and someone will be in contact with you soon, regarding your practice information
 JULY 27, 2015 — 1st Day of Practice!!!!    (at the Wildcat Football Field -2234 Theta St, Houston, 77034)
Football = 6:30 p.m. (sharp) until 8:00 p.m. (or coach releases them)
Cheer = 6:30 p.m. start time, ‘Dance’ practice to follow cheer practice
Mascots = 6:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.
—This WILL begin sometime in the morning on the day of; for
FOOTBALL PLAYERS……..An exact time and the location will be sent later; however, PLEASE mark your calendars this date! It is IMPORTANT that you make every effort to attend the weigh ins.
This is the time that ‘another team’ will be “officiating” every one of our players (we will do the same for the other team). This will ensure every player is playing the level they should be, by checking age/identity, to keep the game as fair as possible.
You MUST have an ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE (or passport) to show as PROOF.  AND the PLAYER MUST BE PRESENT…To make it clear….Your child will NOT be able to PLAY, if/until this has been DONE.
CHEERLEADERS & MASCOTS-Your camp will be on this day. Your officiating will take place at the location of your camp. FOR CHEER AND MASCOTS ONLY (not football): ORIGINAL Birth Certificates and Proof/residence is also needed for you
 Camp: Sonic Cheer
400 Hobbs Rd
League City, Tx 77573
Cost: $25
*more information will be sent directly, soon (time, where/when to pay, etc)
Just as it sounds…In past years, we have done an annual Year END bash….we have all agreed it will be more fun to ‘start’ the season off in celebration rather than only at the end
So this year, we would like for EVERYONE to participate in this celebration. We will provide HOT DOGS for those who prefer not to go all out; hoewever, we encourage you to have your own BBQ/WINGS/SIDE DISHES and SET UP ETC. (By this time, your team moms will be in touch with you to help narrow down your ‘dish list’ to bring) We will also have music and moonwalks But our biggest OBJECTIVE is to bring everyone together to celebrate the start of what we know will be our best season yet!!! It will be the perfect time to meet the other parents, and let the kids have some bonding time!
We are offering, should you choose to, the opportunity to “pull your vehicle onto” the sidelines, “tailgate” style. We will charge $10 per vehicle, and it will be 1st come 1st serve, until we run out of room. This is NOT required for you to participate. This is simply a choice. There will be plenty of street parking available, and then you walk in (like on game days).
Again…more details and information on this will be sent out closer to date. This just gives evryone a date so they can ‘plan to attend’ ahead of time
****in the mean time, if anyone has any suggestions, ideas, or ‘connections’ to something they think would make this particular event even better, please do not hesitate to contact Sonya (832) 814-7232 or Mike (713) 291-5552****
AUGUST 15, 2015 — Scrimmage games
Location/Time: to be anounced closer to date
AUGUST 22, 2015 –Team  Picture  Day
Location/Time: to be anounced closer to date
                                                                                                                                               ******Have a SAFE and HAPPY 4th of JULY******